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Cordless Quartet now available for bookings.



The streets of Lakemba during Ramadan. What a great atmosphere.

Maria Prada Photography
Hi Life Christmas

The Hi Life Trio

Some of the gigs we have been doing.
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Christmas Elves, Jockey's, Fattties, Lifesavers and New Years Eve at North Sydney Pool and on the Cahill Expressway.
It has been a busy summer as always with lots of festive and outdoor gigs. We love summer in Sydney. Here are a few pics. Drop us a line to ask about the different acts.
IMG_2789 IMG_2801 IMG_2816 IMG_2772 IMG_2903 IMG_2894

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs.
Hi Life has been busy as always entertaining folks around the traps. From jazz to brass bands to stilts and more. Don’t forget to get in early for your spring bookings.
Here are a few photos form our recent outings.

IMG_0028 Alfred park pool opening 2 IMG_3145 IMG_2138 IMG_0240

Art on the Boardwalk.
Every May Always Eventful produce a lovely event for North Sydney Council called Art on The Boardwalk. The walk around the bay from Luna Park to Lavender Bay is littered with artists creating and displaying work. We stroll from end to end playing music responding to the artists and the general public. It is a sensational idea, well executed. This years event was on May 23rd and although the weather was inclement (what’s new in Sydney!) there was some great art created. We ended up at the end of a pier out of the rain playing music across the bay for all to hear. Below is a picture of us with speed painter Brad Blaze. We played Houndog and Love Me Tender while he painted Elvis in 3 minutes. Fun.

Hi Life with Brad Blaze at Art on the Boardwalk.

Go the Swans!
We’ve been having a ball playing at the SCG for the Swans home games. They are on top of the table and while we’d like to take the credit that’d be drawing a long bow. All the same, the crowd are great fun and we’ve been adding to the atmosphere out the front of the SCG and in the Members areas. Good, sporting fun.

Fun with the Swans Fans.

Mary Poppins, Merivale and the faces of Chatswood.
Recent gigs have included a stint in Melbourne for the Moomba Festival Parade where we created a Mary Poppins on Segue. She was a fantastic success. We also had a great time entertaining hundreds of Merivale employees (thanks to NHM entertainment) as they embarked on a large, lavish staff party. It was great fun. We have also become the ‘cultural face’ of Chatswood. A photo of us performing in a Willoughby fair has adorned banners around the main Chatswood block for the last few months as they renovate the council chambers and library.
Even though winter is just around the corner we are thinking about the spring summer season just ahead. Time Flies!

From left to right Chatswood, Mary Poppins and Merivale staff party.

Playing on the Central Coast.
We had a great day in Bateau Bay playing for lucky shoppers picking up some bargains at a big one day sale. The construction workers were out for the first time in awhile and we have a few images. These guys are great fun cruising around repairing any damage they see and roping off dangerous areas (and people). We also had a fantastic time playing as a stilt walking quartet with Ian on Surdo. The extra oomph provided by the bass drum really got the crowd going. A great day had by all.
Book now for the Easter Holidays.

Happy New Decade!
A well earned break for us in early January after a very enjoyable Hi Lifesaver gig at North Sydney Pool on New Years Eve (see picture below) and many, many Christmas gigs. We have uploaded an improved video of the crazy Christmas Tree on Segue. Check it out here. We have performed at a number of public and private gigs including outside the A.R. Raman concert in Parramatta park. It was a great vibe and we ended the evening jamming on the street with some of the dancers from the concert. It was fantastic fun and a great spectacle. Australia day is always a big one for us and we entertained the crowds in Dee Why in the morning as very tall Drovers looking for a mob of sheep and then Darling Harbour in the afternoon as our ever popular Hi Lifesaver trio. See the news item below.
Next stop Easter!

Season of Festivities
With the imminent arrival of Santa and numerous Christmas tree lightings we are busy doing Christmas. There are other fun events happening around town. Hi Lifesavers played at the Warringah Aquatic Centre’s 30th Birthday celebrations. It was a great day and included us floating on large inflatable rings while playing music in the pool. Lots of fun!
We are fairly booked up for the remainder of the year but there are a few dates available, so give us a bell now.

Warringah Aquatic Centre 30th Birthday Celebrations 2009

World Masters Games.
Some 28,000 competitors from all over the globe have descended on Sydney for the 2009 World Masters Games. We were lucky enough to play with some of them at Sydney Olympic Park. With the cauldron alight it brought back fond memories of Sydney 2000 nine years ago.

Spring is in the air and with that comes street fairs and celebration. Willoughby put on a spectacular day for their annual street fair. The weather was perfect, the food was fantastic and the entertainment....well need I say more! BTW, I’d be booking for Christmas now. Things are warming up!

Willoughy StreetFair

Hi Life at the Hockey.
We were lucky enough to play at the recent Champions Trophy Women’s Hockey event in Sydney. Six of the best teams in the world competing for the title. It was a fantastic family event with some great hockey games and excellent entertainment (of course). We are finding ourselves at more and more sporting events as sport becomes the dominant family entertainment in Australia. Many of the spectators commented how great it was to have live music and interactive entertainment to add to the atmosphere.

Hi Life do Hoopla!

This Easter weekend, Hi Life Segue Trio are at Hoopla, Darling Harbour. You can catch us roving around from 12pm all four days of the long weekend. Come up and ask for a song!

Segue Xmas Tree.
Yes, a tree that moves and plays music if required. It’s guaranteed to make people smile. Not only is it mobile but it can be customised with your decorations if you require. Go here for a bit more information or here for a short video.

We have updated the way we price our acts to make it easier to quote. We also offer shorter call times (from 1 hour) so you have more flexibility. Click here to go to the prices page.

Hi Life Jazz Trio is now available.......click here for more info.

A partnership with Oversize brings you the wonderful performing jockeys. Click for more information.


A new concept in roving musical entertainment, Segue rides on a modified human transporter with Saxophone entertaining as he goes. It's eye catching entertainment at its best.
Look out for SPORTY SEGUE and CHRISTMAS TREE SEGUE! Segue is available solo or with stiltwalkers.
Click here for a segue video clip and here for segue Christmas video clip
To book Segue contact details are here or you can call on +61 2 9029 2689