About Us

It all began more than 10 years ago.

In 1995 while on the road with a Reggae band, the Hi-Life concept was born to keep us busy during the long days. As time went on we realised that providing quality roving entertainment was more than just a gig on the side, so the company Hi-Life Entertainment was born.

We have since travelled to many wonderful locations to perform for crowds of all kinds. From festivals in the Middle East to Pacific Island celebrations to the Sydney Olympic Games and Rugby World Cup we have brought our original brand of fun and helped enhance these amazing events. We have also done countless weddings and birthday parties, shopping centres, Christmas parties, parades children's events and product launches. So whether your event is big or small we will help you to create the atmosphere that you want.

In recent times we have branched out into digital media services including recording, composing and other media creation. As people 'cocoon' we find there is increasing demand for entertainment in the house, and as a result have ventured into the home entertainment realm.
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