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Sugue is eye catching entertainment at its best. Floating along, playing music and interacting. Fun and visually stunning.
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Segue Christmas Tree

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the festive season!
Segue Christmas Tree is a mobile Christmas Tree. Yes it rolls along, playing Christmas tunes on saxophone. It’s a real head turner and great for lifting the spirits. Segue Christmas Tree can even be customised with your decorations. Throw in a couple of musical stilt walkers and you have a roving Christmas band. Interactive and very fun it’s the kind of thing that makes Christmas memorable.
Segue Christmas tree can be booked for calls a short as 1 hour. You can find a short video here.

Hi Life Segue

A new concept in roving musical entertainment, Segue rides on a modified human transporter with Saxophone entertaining as he goes. It's eye catching entertainment at its best. Hi Life Segue is available solo or with an extra one or two performers on the ground or on stilts. Call for more information.

Hi Life Savers on Segue

Ahh summer. Sun, sand, water and of course lifesavers. Swimming around bringing out the smiles Hi Life Savers are great whether there is water nearby or not. Hi Life Savers are available solo, duo or trio.

A Very Segue Christmas

Christmas is a magical time and A Very Segue Christmas is a magical christmas concept. Floating along bringing the joy of the season to all A Very Segue Christmas is a must for any Yuletide celebration. One or two musical helpers are available to further enhance the aural and visual treat.