Many of our concepts are available on stilts as a solo act or duo or trio. Below are some of the concepts. Call us if you have any questions or an idea you'd like to become reality.
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Oversize Jockeys

Fantastic oversized jockeys are available solo, duo or trio as characters. Call us on 0421 212 874 or email [email protected] to book for spring carnival now or phone Simon on 0466 403 998

Hi Life Horns on Sticks

The hip Zebra suits mean Hi-Life Horns will look good at any event and the versatile acoustic instrumentation translate to convenience for you and a great sound. Repertoire includes Jazz, Pop, Blues and Funk along with some TV and movie themes that everyone knows. Hi-Life Horns on Sticks is a great way to go.

Hi-Life Horns and Hi-Life Horns on Sticks are available from 1-6 pieces. Click here to contact us for more info.

Hi Life Horns Alight

Available as a colourful daytime act or lit up with glowing cable at night Horns Alight is a bright, colourful solution for your event. From one to four players can entertain with a variety of musical styles and interactive games. We can rove over a large area or stay stay in one spot....the choice is yours.

Hi Life Savers

Giants in their field Hi Life Savers will entertain you and look out for you at the same time. Bright, highly visible musical characters we rove around ensuring you are always entertained between the flags. Solo, Duo or trio available and also with the highly innovative Hi Life Saver Segue. See the Segue section for more information about that.

Hi Life Reggae Allstars

Yeah Man. For a bit of fun time reggae roving this is the band. Great for a festival or a parade.

Hi Life Hotties

Not really. Hi Life Big Country is a very Australian concept. Drizabones, bushies hats and Aussie tunes characterise this concept. It is hot being inside the oil skins but this is a good concept for any Aussie themed event.